Green Highlander:

     A bit of history ... The 'Green Highlander', a mixed wing fly, was designed during the latter part of the 19th century by a certain Mr. Grant from Wester, Elchies. It is one of the few green classic salmon flies. For some reason or other green flies never became particularly popular in Great Britain. Nowadays, however, green flies and especially the 'Green Highlander' are the favorites on many salmon rivers.
  • Tag:    Silver tinsel and yellow floss.
  • Tail:     A topping and barred summer duck.
  • Butt:     Black ostrich herl.
  • Body:     First quarter: Golden Yellow floss.
  • Remainder:     Bright green seal's fur or floss silk.
  • Ribs:     Oval silver tinsel.
  • Hackle:     A grass-green cock's hackle.
  • Throat:     A yellow cock's hackle.
  • Wings:     Mixed golden pheasant tippets in strands,      married sections of yellow, orange, and green turkey, Florican Bustard, peacock wing and golden pheasant tail.
  • Outside of the Wings:     Married sections of teal and barred summer duck. Narrow sections of brown mallard over and a topping.
  • Sides:     Jungle cock.
  • Cheeks:     Indian crow. Horns: Blue and yellow Macaw.
  • Head:    Black