Mission Peak Fly Anglers

Fremont, Ca.


About our Club:

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Alan Mapes doing the barbecue

Mission Peak Fly Anglers has been established in Fremont since 1977. Our club participates in many events that promotes our sport. Some of the activities include: Trout in the Classroom programs, participation with Veterans at many VA facilities, teaching casting, fly tying, and many other endeavours. It is also a great opportunity to explore fly fishing with many others who share an interest in fly fishing. During the year, we also have social events that allow members to exchange ideas about fly fishing.

General Membership Meeting       (Map & Photo of Location)

7:00 PM the third (3rd) Wednesday of each month (room opens at 6:30 PM)

Location: Fremont Art Center, 3375 Country Dr., Fremont, CA.

Fly Tying

7:30 PM the First (1st) Wednesday of each month after Board of Directors meeting

Location: Fremont Art Center, 3375 Country Dr., Fremont, CA.

Club Breakfast

9:00 AM the second Saturday of each month

Location: Denny's at Whipple and I-800, Hayward, CA.

Sponsors of our Club

Mission Peak Fly Anglers receives much needed assistance from the sponsors listed on the linked page. Please consider them and let them know by thanking them when you do patronize them for their services and products.

Club By-laws

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Photos of the Club's Annual Picnic 2019

At MPFA, our goals are to:

Promote fly fishing through our frequent casting, fly tying and other demonstrations during club and Bay Area Civic events.

Protect our fragile environment and the fishery habitat through membership and participation in environmental and restoration efforts.

Teach and practice the art of fly fishing and fly tying at our meetings and fishing activities within a social atmosphere.