Doug's Damsel:

  • Hook -- TMC 101, Mustad 94859, Daiichi 1180; Size 12
  • Thread -- Olive 6/0 or 8/0
  • Tail -- Olive Marabou, shank length
  • Abdomen -- Olive Rabbit dubbing
  • Thorax -- Olive Rabbit dubbing
  • Wing case -- Olive Duck Quill, shiny side down
  • Legs -- Olive Marabou
  • Eyes -- 30# Mono heated to form eye shape(or packaged plastic eyes)
  • Head -- Small thread head
  1. De-barb the hook. Cover the shank with thread.

  2. Take a small bunch of olive marabou and tie in a tail at the hook bend, just above the back end of the barb. The tail should be shank length.

  3. Dub a slim body up to a point just forward of the halfway point of the shank.

  4. Tie in the wing case, with the long end pointing out over the bend of the hook. Tie it in so that the shiny side is up, because you will ultimately want the dull side up after bringing the wing case over the thorax.

  5. Tie in the mono eyes, about 1 eye-length behind the eye of the hook.

  6. Dub the first half of the thorax, making it a bit bulkier than the abdomen.

  7. For the legs, tie in a small bunch of olive marabou on each side of the hook, just in front of the half of the thorax that you just completed. Pinch off the marabou so that it extends no farther back than the point of the hook.

  8. Now dub the front half of the thorax, taking care not to disturb the legs. Dub a small amount of olive rabbit around the eyes, using a figure eight motion.

  9. Bring the wing case over the thorax and tie off in front of the eyes. Trim the excess and form a nice, small head.