Poxyback Callibaetis:

  • Hook -- TMC 200R, size 14-16
  • Thread -- 6/0 Olive
  • Tail -- Emu or Ostrich
  • Rib -- Strand of Olive/Pearl
  • Abdomen -- Tan/Olive Antron dubbing
  • Gills -- Gray Marabou to the sides
  • Wing Case -- Dark Brown Turkey Quill, 5 Minute Epoxy
  • Gray Legs -- Mallard Dyed Wood Duck
  • Flashabou Head -- Tan/Olive Antron dubbing
  • Thorax -- Tan/Olive Antron dubbing
  1. Start thread one eye length back from eye. Wrap back to above barb.

  2. Tie in a few strands of Emu, length of abdomen.

  3. Tie in rib.

  4. Dub thread one wrap under tail and wrap a slender body 60% of hook shank.

  5. Tie a small clump of marabou to each side wrap back against body to flare the gills to the sides.

  6. Tie turkey quill on top of shank extending back over abdomen.

  7. Dub thorax a little heavier than the abdomen. (do not crowd head)

  8. Pull turkey quill over top of thorax to form wing case, tie off and trim.

  9. Tie a few dyed mallard fibers each side; wrap back against thorax to flare legs.

  10. Dub head area. Whip finish and cement thread wraps.

  11. Line up finished flies on Styrofoam block. Mix 5-minute epoxy and place a small drop on each wing case. (wing case only).