• Hook -- 1/0 or 2/0 Tiemco 900S, 811S, Trey Combs Big Game hook, Gamagatsu SC15, or equivalent
  • Thread -- 6/0 UNI - white
  • Tail -- Ultra Hair -Polar bear, white, clear, or any translucent lighter color.
  • Upper Wing -- Angel Hair - pearl blue or pearl green followed by brown, gray and or green synthetics (Angel hair) or llama hair
  • Under-wing -- Angel Hair- pearl blue or green
  • Shoulder -- Silver Spectra Mylar Motion, Flashabou or Krystal Flash
  • Eyes -- Realistic Prismatic Eyes
  1. De-barb hook and mount in vise. Build up a base of thread approximately one half the distance of the hook shank.
  2. Apply about 15-20 strands of Ultra Hair on the top half of the hook just above the last thread wrap. Be careful that the hair stays on top. Trim to about 1 1/2 inches.
  3. With a bodkin separate a small amount of material from the hank of angel hair. Place material on top of hook shank with the trim ends toward the tail side of the fly. Take three loose wrap of thread and distribute evenly along the top half of the shank. Fold over the left over half and distributed evenly as before. Use your other hand to retain the material and take four wraps of thread over entire fold.
  4. Flip or invert the hook and repeat the previous steps for the under-wing.
  5. Bring the hook back to the original position and tie in darker materials for the over wing.
  6. Optional - tie in mylar tubing just behind the eye and finish with a head. Then coat with epoxy, Softex or Soft body
  7. Attach eyes with a dab of GOOP.

Bait Fish Patterns

No need to use magnifiers or hook extenders commonly associated with trout patterns. Bucktails, synthetics, peacock herl and prizmatic eyes. This pattern can be carried over for freshwater applications (stripers and other predatory species- larger trout) if you vary the size and color of the pattern. The basis for the following pattern centers around these factors for to Sardina: olive back, gray or silver side, white belly, sized 2 to 4 inches typically long enough to cover the palm of your hand.