Sparkle Dun:

  • Hook -- TMC 100 - #14-24
  • Thread -- 8/0 color to match body
  • Wing -- Deer hair Short tips. Must flare enough tofan wing.
  • Body Dubbing -- Beaver preferred or fine synthetic Shuck Micro Zelon color to match natural insect
  1. Attach thread above hook barb. Wind forward to a point back from the eye of the hook.

  2. Clean and stack a bunch of deer hair for the wing. The wing dimension is the length of the hook from front of eye to hook barb.

  3. Measure the wing and hold the hair on top of the hook, the base of the wing set where the thread is hanging at the point back from the hook eye.

  4. While holding the wing hair in the left hand, tips pointed over the hook eye, take two loose wraps of thread around the hair and pull up. This will compress the hair against the top of the hook and not allow it to go around the hook shank. Take about 5-6 more tight wraps of thread over the wing butts going toward the hook point. Slide the fingers of your left hand toward the hook point, pulling up on the wing butts, and trim the butts on a taper. Cover the trimmed wing hair with thread to make a smooth foundation. Leave the wing laying down over the hook eye for now.

  5. Take a piece of Micro Zelon for the shuck and attach it at the end of the wing butts where you left the thread hanging. Extend it over the hook bend binding it down with thread up to the hook barb. Use thread to make a smooth under body and return to a point over the hook barb with the thread. Trim the shuck to a body length.

  6. Dub a smooth body up to the back of the wing and bring the thread in front of the wing. Raise the wing to the upright position with lots of thread wraps in front of the base of the wing. Apply Flexament to the base of the wing.

  7. Dub in front of the wing up to the hook eye. Whip finish.

  8. Spread the wing in a fan of hair 180-degrees. Apply Flexament to the wing base once more.