Ken Hanley's Furled Alevin:

  • Hook:    Wide-gape Scud design, 1X or 2X short shank, fine wire, #10 - #8 (Daiichi 1130, Tiemco TMC 2487)
  • Thread:     Match body color, #8/0
  • Weight (optional):     Metal Bead, gold or silver, size small.
  • Egg sac:     Glo Bug Yarn, Alaskan Roe or Light Roe
  • Extended Body:     Furled Antron, (brown, tan, cream, or gold) approx. 1 1/2 hook lengths. Combining two colors in the furling process can create other variations: cream/tan, gold/brown, etc.
  • Optics (optional):     Monofilament nymph eyes, medium, black.
  • Note #1:     Simulates: Larval stage salmon.
  • Habitats:     Freshwater (rivers) and saltwater (estuaries).
  • Egg sac fry are a major food source during the spring months. These larval stage salmon are found drifting along the bottom, existing on the proteins and sugars found in their individual egg sacs. The larval salmon become easy prey for various species that take advantage of the Pacific salmon's spawning cycle (such as steelhead, coastal cutts, rainbows,char and dolly varden).