Ken Hanley's Furled Damsel:

  • Hook:    Straight eye, 3X long curved shank, #12 - #10 (Tiemco TMC 200R, Daiichi 1270)
  • Thread:     Olive or tan #8/0
  • Extended abdomen and Body:     Furled Antron, olive or tan, approx 1 1/2 hook lengths. Other variations can be created by combining two colors in the furling process: cream/tan, olive/tan.
  • Optics (optional):     Black or Olive, monofilament nymph eyes, small
  • Head and Wing:     Relaxed Antron fibers, same color (actually the same piece) as the furled extension, folded back over the top, whip finish and cement. Trim the wings to custom size.
  • Note #1:     The fly iscreaded from one piece of furled Antron. It represents the most vulnerable stage of the Damselfly. This young adult has just emerged from its nymphal case and final molt. Its wings are not yet fully developed
  • Generic imitation for our "Narrow-Winged" Damsels (of which there are approx. 75 different species).  Best represents the Genus Enallagma commonly called "Bluets", and Genus Argia commonly known as "Dancers."  Typically range in size from 1 - 1 1/4 inches overall.
  • ....Civil Bluet, Enallagma civile; N. America (species with the widest distribution)