Ken Hanley's Furled Dragonfly:

  • Hook:    Straight eye, 3X long curved shank, #6- #8 (Tiemco TMC 200R, Daiichi 1270)
  • Thread:     Match body color (examples: tan, red, black, etc) #8/0
  • Extended Abdomen:     Furled Antron, approx 1 1/2 hook lengths.  Created by combining two colors in the furling process: variations can include red/gold, olive/tan, green/gold, ect.
  • Body:     Angora Goat, Color variations include: purple, green, red, orange, black, tan.
  • Wing (optional):     Sili Legs, white/silver sparkle
  • Optics:     Black, monofilament nymph eyes, large
  • Head:     Relaxed Antron fibers, same color (actually the same piece) as the furled extension, folded back over the top, whip finish and cement.